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10 Best Christian Podcasts

Best Christian podcasts.

Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge of the Bible, you want answers to some of your questions regarding Christian living, or simply just want to have a few minutes of guided meditation as you tackle your day- listening to a podcast is the way to go.

However, with thousands of podcasts available across multiple platforms, it can be quite challenging to choose one. For this reason, we have selected 10 of the best Christian podcasts that we think you should listen to.

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The Bible Project Podcast

Best Christian podcasts.

Hosted by Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, The Bible Project Podcast is one of the best Christian podcasts out there for those who want to better understanding of the Bible. 

During the weekly episodes that typically last between 30 minutes to one hour, Mackie and Collins cover a range of topics including biblical stories, themes, and concepts. They use a conversational style making complex topics easy to understand for both newbies and advanced Bible scholars. 

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Ask Pastor John

Best Christian podcasts.

For those seeking answers to theological and general life questions about Christian living, Ask Pastor John is your podcast. This Q&A-style podcast is hosted by renowned Christian author, theologian, and former pastor- John Piper.

With wisdom and depth, Pastor John thoughtfully addresses tough questions raised by listeners on a variety of Christianity-related topics. 

You can listen to the daily episodes on various platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and on the website, and if you have any faith-related or theological questions, you can send them too.

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

With a blend of wit and wisdom, conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey provides her perspective on politics, social issues, and current events on her podcast Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey which typically airs several times a week.

Stuckey’s approach is engaging and of course relatable, as the podcast’s name hints, making it among the best Christian podcasts, especially for those seeking a conservative Christian’s perspective on contemporary issues. 

The Happy Rant

Best Christian podcasts.

Hosted by three friends- Ted Kluck, Ronnie Martin, and Barnabas Piper, The Happy Rant is another great and entertaining podcast to listen to, especially if you need a break from all the serious and heavy topics that most Christian podcasts often cover.

The three friends often engage in humorous and lighthearted banter as they offer their perspectives on various topics ranging from church life to Christian culture and even current events.

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Joyce Meyer Ministries Podcast

Best Christian podcasts.

If you are a fan of Joyce Meyer then you will enjoy her podcast, Joyce Meyer Ministries Podcast, which features more of her sermons and teachings on various topics. 

With her usual straightforward and relatable approach, Joyce Meyer delivers moving messages on the podcast that inspire and encourage listeners in their journey of spiritual growth.

Pray as You Go

Best Christian podcasts.

Pray as You Go is one of the best Christian podcasts especially if you are looking for a peaceful moment to listen to God’s word and meditate for a couple of minutes every day during your commute or gym session . 

The podcast which was developed by Jesuit Media Initiatives offers guided meditation sessions combining music, scripture, and reflection in episodes that typically lasts around 10-15 minutes making it a perfect partner for your daily commute helping you start or end your day with God.

The Gospel Coalition Podcast

Best Christian podcasts.

Hosted by The Gospel Coalition, a network of evangelical churches and leaders committed to promoting gospel-centered ministry, The Gospel Coalition Podcast is one of the best Christian podcasts as far as ministry is concerned. 

During episodes that typically last anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, listeners get to hear from pastors, theologians, authors, and other Christian leaders, as well as panel discussions and lectures from TGC events.

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Elevation with Steven Furtick

Best Christian podcasts.

With his relatability and engaging style, Pastor Steven Furtick of the Elevation Church delivers moving sermons and teachings on the podcast- Elevation with Steven Furtick.

You can expect to be challenged, uplifted, and encouraged by listening to Pastor Furtick as he provides valuable insights on various topics including personal growth, overcoming challenges, and experiencing God’s presence in everyday life.

The Bible for Normal People

Best Christian podcasts.

As the name suggests, The Bible for Normal People is a podcast that aims to make everyday listeners deepen their understanding of the Bible regardless of their religious background.

The podcast is hosted by biblical scholars Pete Enns and Jared Byas whose discussions cover the Bible’s historical context, interpretation, theology, and relevance to current events. It’s one of the best Christian podcasts for people who wish to broaden their Biblical knowledge.

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The Bible in a Year

Best Christian podcasts.

The title of this podcast is exactly what it’s all about, The Bible in a Year’s host Fr. Mike Schmitz guides listeners through the entire Bible in 365 days. 

During each episode which typically lasts between 20-30 minutes, Fr. Schmitz provides insightful commentary as he reads Bible passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms. 

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