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How to End a Situationship

How to end a Situationship.

Are you stuck in a situationship that you have grown out of but don’t know how to end it? Are you tired of waiting around to see if the relationship will ever amount to something more real and you just want to walk out? 

Like any other relationship, where emotions are involved, ending a situationship is not easy. However, if you have reached a point where you no longer feel fulfilled and happy, it’s important to take steps to end things.

In this article, we provide a helpful guide on how to end a situationship. Later on, we also try to answer a couple of other questions regarding situationships, like how long you should be in a situationship and whether or not a situationship can become a real relationship. 

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How to end a situationship

While it can be tempting to rip off the band-aid and get over the situationship quickly, we think there is a better way to end things, and you can do so by following these 5 steps.

How to end a Situationship.
  1. Reflect on your reasons

Before talking to your partner about ending the situationship, it’s important to have an honest discussion with yourself about why you want to end things.

Ask yourself questions like, “Are you happy and satisfied in the situationship? Are all your relationship needs being met? What don’t you like about being in the situationship? What don’t you like about your partner?”

If it helps, write down the answers to the above questions and reflect on them. If you feel that your reasons for leaving are strong enough then you are ready for step two.

How to end a Situationship.

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  1. Communicate your decision

Once you’ve figured out why you want to end things and what you are going to say, schedule a meeting with the other person. Try to choose a time and a place that’s convenient for both of you and you can talk freely without interruptions.

When you settle down to talk, tell them about your decision to end things and your reasons for doing so. As you talk, try to be direct and use a respectful tone. Instead of blaming or criticizing them for their part in the relationship’s failure, focus on your feelings and needs.

Also, don’t forget to give them a chance to talk if they have something to say. As they talk, listen openly and empathetically to their perspective even if you don’t agree with them.  

How to end a Situationship.

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  1. Set boundaries

After ending the situationship, it’s important to set healthy boundaries that will help you move forward.

Decide if you want to completely cut ties with the other person or if you just want to limit communication with them for a while until your feelings for them subside. 

Whatever decision you make, let them know about it and make sure you stick to them.

  1. Focus on yourself

Ending any type of relationship can leave you drained and hurt even if it was your decision to end things. For this reason, it’s very important to take some time to take care of yourself.

Go away for a while if you need to and focus your energies on healthy hobbies like painting, gardening, or even martial arts if it’s your thing. Try mindfulness exercises like meditation and try to be around your loved ones. 

How to end a Situationship.
  1. Move on

Finally, when you feel that you’ve gotten over your breakup and you are ready to give relationships another shot, don’t be afraid to get out there and try again.

It’s important, however, to take your time and be very intentional about the type of partner you want and the type of relationship you are looking for. Let the lessons you learned from your previous situationship help you not to get into another situationship.

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How long should a situationship last?

Since people are different, there is no universally set timeframe for how long a situationship should last. While some only last for a few weeks, some can even drag on for months and even years.

If you are wondering when the right time to quit your situationship is, then you already have the answer within you. You just need to take time to reflect and evaluate whether the situationship is fulfilling your relationship needs and whether you are happy and satisfied with the current arrangement. If your answer is no, then it’s time to end things.

Can a situationship turn into a real relationship?

How to end a Situationship.

Yes, situationships have the potential to develop into more official relationships with labels, expectations, and commitment.

What usually stands in the way of a situationship becoming an actual relationship is poor communication. But if both partners involved in a situationship decide to talk about their feelings, decide on the expectations that they want from the relationship, and agree on how to label their relationship, then they will already have a real relationship.

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