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10 Types of Situationships

Types of situationships.

The dating world has become very complicated these days. Gone are the days when people were just boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, or just lovers- these days there are so many levels of relationships it’s hard to keep up.

Among the many complex modern relationship concepts is something called a situationship. Simply put, a situationship is a romantic entanglement where two people are more than just friends but are not quite in a committed relationship. There is often an emotional connection involved and maybe even physical intimacy but there are no labels or promises for the future. 

There are several types of situationships that one might be in without even knowing they are in one. Here are the top 10 common types of situationships. Do any of them sound familiar?

Types of situationships.

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Here is a list of 10 types of situationships

1. The casual flirtation

This is the type of a situationship where two people who might be attracted to each other are stuck in the flirting zone. They may enjoy spending time together, and even go out on occasional dates but there’s nothing serious beyond that and there have been no talks about taking things to the next level.

2. The purely physical situationship

The purely physical situationship is exactly what it sounds like- it’s all about physical intimacy and nothing else. It involves having a casual fling with someone without trying to build an emotional connection with them. Beyond the bedroom, both of you have separate lives.  

Types of situationships.

3. The one-sided situationship

The one-sided situationship is one of the most common types of situationships out there, and sadly, also one of the most hurtful. 

This situationship usually happens when one person is more emotionally invested in the relationship than the other and may even hope to take things to the next level while their partner is not yet there or is simply content with keeping the relationship casual. With time, the imbalance in the relationship will weigh heavily on the one who is more invested in it, especially if they don’t speak up.

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4. The rebound situationship

The rebound situationship happens when one or two parties in the relationship have gotten out of a serious relationship and are just trying to get over their ex and have a good time without getting into anything serious. 

Types of situationships.

5. The long-distance situationship

A long-distance situationship happens when two people have feelings for each other but are separated by geographical distance. 

Even though thanks to technology, the two parties might communicate regularly via texts or phone calls and they might even form a strong emotional bond, it’s really not the same as meeting face-to-face. At the end of the day, it remains a situationship if they don’t talk about their relationship, it will be hard to figure out whether they are officially a couple or they are just really good friends.

Types of situationships.

6. The on and off situationship

This is where two people who have never really committed to each other keep breaking up, missing each other, and then getting back together over and over again.

The cycle keeps repeating itself and they can never be sure if they’ll stay together or if another breakup is around the corner and so they never take things to the next level.

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7. The almost there situationship

This is where things feel like they’re on the verge of becoming a real relationship, but something is holding it back. 

To outsiders, the relationship might seem like the real deal since the couple spend a lot of time together doing things that real couples in a committed relationship often do like meeting each other’s families and friends. However, it is still a situationship because the couple involved have not yet agreed to put labels on their relationship or make their relationship official. 

8. The convenience situationship

The convenience situationship happens when two people are together not necessarily because they have feelings for each other but rather because it’s just easy or practical for them.

With this type of situationship, it’s always a matter of availability. The couple will go out on dates and do fun activities together when they are both available but if other more important plans come up then that’s it.

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9. The just friends situationship

This is where two people act like good friends even though it’s clear that they might have a little crush on each other. 

Types of situationships.

While it might not be a full-blown relationship, this type of a situationship is clearly much more than just a typical friendship. Things would move forward faster if the parties involved could just talk about their feelings, but sadly they don’t and so they get stuck in a situationship.

10. The complicated situationship

Things are very messy and confusing in this type of a situationship. The parties involved might both like each other, but there are lots of mixed signals, drama, and other people involved, like ex-partners or friends standing in the way of taking the relationship to the next level.

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