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Why do guys like situationships? Our Top 5 Reasons

Why do guys like situationships?

Being in a situationship is a bit like being on a rollercoaster. You get to enjoy being intimate with someone but you can never really tell where you stand in the relationship, where the relationship is headed, and whether or not it will ever amount to anything.

So, the big question is why do some guys like situationships so much despite all the uncertainty? 

Well, since people are different, their reasons for preferring situationships over committed relationships are different too. That being said, we have compiled some of the common reasons why some guys like situationships over formal relationships, but first let’s look at what it really means to be in a situationship.

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What does it mean to be in a situationship?

Why do guys like situationships?

Being in a situationship means you are in some sort of a casual relationship where you are stuck in a grey zone with someone who is more than a friend to you but you are not a couple in the official sense.

It means that you have been seeing someone for a while, you have fun with them and you might even be crushing hard on each other but you haven’t openly discussed your feelings and what to do about them.

It could also mean that you are dating someone who is not ready for a serious commitment but also doesn’t want to let you go so you stay on not knowing what will happen next.

While some people actively choose to be in a situationship, a lot of people find themselves in a situationship without meaning to get into one. If you ever find yourself stuck in an unintentional situationship and you want to get out of it, it’s important to communicate your feelings to the other person as soon as possible so that you can detangle yourself from the situationship if they don’t feel the same way.

Why do guys like situationships?

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Why do guys like situationships?

Wondering why all the guys you like don’t seem to be in a hurry to make things official? Here are some of the top reasons why guys like situationships. 

They don’t want to commit

The main reason why most guys like situationships is because they can enjoy all the perks of a real relationship without being in a real relationship with full commitment.

Situationships are very appealing to guys who are too busy to have a serious relationship, not ready to settle down, have serious commitment issues, or feel intimidated by the pressure of a committed relationship. In situationships, these guys get to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy without all the pressure that comes with being an official couple.

Why do guys like situationships?

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They still want to explore other options

Some guys like situationships because they allow them to sample the market without buying anything.

Because of their casual nature and the fact that there are really no expectations or clear boundaries, situationships are a good arrangement for players who don’t see the point in settling down with one person rather than seeing several other people without facing serious consequences.

Past negative experiences

Some guys might also prefer situationships because they were once in serious committed relationships that ended badly and they haven’t healed completely.

A messy divorce or a painful breakup from someone they thought they would spend the rest of their life with can really mess up a guy’s mind. 

While some might heal, move on from the breakup, and eventually even get into other committed relationships, some guys just never recover from the trauma of the heartbreak. As a result, they’ll settle for situationships if they need a romantic partner but if things start to get serious, they walk away. 

Why do guys like situationships?

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They enjoy the flexibility

While plans, schedules, and expectations rule in committed relationships, convenience is everything in situationships that some guys find appealing.

In situationships, guys are not tied down to schedules and plans. They can choose to hang out when they don’t have other pending plans or when it’s convenient for them. 

Additionally, in situationships, guys are free to pursue their interests independently without having to prioritise their partners’ feelings. This might also be a reason why some guys like situationships.

Why do guys like situationships?

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They are emotionally unavailable

For guys who struggle to express their emotions and connect with others on an emotional level, situationships sound like an ideal setup.

Emotionally unavailable people typically avoid making plans, forming attachments, and even having labels in relationships. They prefer keeping things casual and avoid serious discussions about where the relationship is headed; all these are classic signs of a situationship.

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