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10 of The Best Christian Podcasts for Women

Best Christian podcasts for women.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your faith in God through prayer and Bible study or you need some relatable content about relationships, motherhood, and how to live your best life as a Christian woman, podcasts are a great way to feed your mind with information while you carry on with your day. The greatest thing about them is that you can listen to them anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.

From thousands of podcasts available, we have compiled the top 10 podcast Christian podcasts for women that we think you will love.

Hosted by relatable Christian women, these podcasts cover a range of real issues that are relevant to Christian women including relationships, parenting, and mental health, as well as faith-related issues like Bible study, prayer, and ministry. 

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List of The Best Christian Podcasts for Women

The Daily Grace

Best Christian podcasts for women.

Hosted by Joanna Kimbrel and Stefanie Boyles, is one of the best Christian podcasts for women of all ages who are looking for a daily dose of encouragement in their journey of faith.

During the show’s episodes, Kimbrel and Boyles cover a wide array of topics that are relevant to Christian living including Bible study, prayer, mental health, and relationships. 

Revive Our Hearts

Best Christian podcasts for women.

Revive Our Hearts is another great Christian podcast for women that you definitely should give a try especially if you are looking for encouraging and practical content regarding Christian living.

The show is hosted by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and focuses on various topics that are relevant to Christian living including building strong relationships in marriage and family, applying Biblical teachings to everyday life, and personal growth.

Besides teaching sessions and devotional readings by Nancy herself, the podcast also usually features interviews with guest speakers. 

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Risen Motherhood

Best Christian podcasts for women.

If you are a Christian mom who is trying to figure out how to raise children in the midst of all the ups and downs that come with this important job, then Risen Motherhood is your podcast.

Hosted by two Christian moms- Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen, Risen Motherhood focuses on offering practical parenting advice based on Biblical principles to moms as well as offering support and encouragement to mothers and reminding them that they are not alone in their parenting journey.

During each episode, Wifler and Jensen share their personal experiences and struggles regarding a specific topic related to motherhood. Occasionally, they also interview guests such as authors, experts as well as other Christian mothers.

Java with Juli

Best Christian podcasts for women.

Clinical psychologist, author, and speaker- Dr. Juli Slattery explores topics about relationships, marriage and the in-between from a Christian perspective on her podcast, Java with Juli.

During each episode, Dr Juli Slattery who often invites guests to the show, holds candid conversations, interviews, and discussions aimed at helping listeners to have fulfilling relationships.

Whether you are struggling with challenges in your relationships or you are simply looking for advice on how to spice up your intimacy from a Biblical perspective, Java with Juli is one of the best Christian podcasts for women you can listen to.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Best Christian podcasts for women.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is another one of the best Christian podcasts for women especially if you are looking for fun and uplifting content.

During the show’s episodes, Jamie Ivey chats with interesting guests including musicians, authors, and even regular folks with interesting stories. They talk about various topics relating to Christian living, including life in general, faith, family, and relationships, struggles, and successes.

Jamie tries to create a relaxed and welcoming vibe, even maintaining a sense of humour when tackling deep topics. Listening to her feels like you are part of the show. 

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She Lives Purposefully

Best Christian podcasts for women.

She Lives Purposefully is a Christian podcast for women who are trying to discover their God-given purpose in life and live a more meaningful life.

The show is hosted by Megan Edmonds who uses a conversational and encouraging approach to explore various topics related to Christian living including discovering one’s purpose and using your gifts, overcoming life’s challenges, and relationships.

New episodes are typically released every week and you can be sure to enjoy listening to powerful and relatable stories and practical advice from Megan and her guests.

Coffee and Bible Time

Best Christian podcasts for women.

The Coffee and Bible Time podcast is hosted by Ashley, Taylor, and Mentor Mama, who share their love for coffee, Jesus, and studying the Bible. They often discuss a variety of topics related to Bible study and Christian living on the podcast.

The show’s hosts discuss issues in a way that sounds relatable and approachable, making it feel as though you are listening to your sisters or friends. 

Overall, it is a great podcast if you are a Christian woman looking to grow your faith and want to learn more about the Bible. 

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Truth’s Table

Best Christian podcasts for women.

If you are a black Christian woman looking for a podcast that’s run by black women who talk about contemporary issues such as culture, politics, gender, and race, from a Biblical viewpoint, then Truth’s Table is your podcast.

Truth’s Table is a podcast that’s hosted by a powerhouse trio who don’t shy away from tough questions- theologist Ekemini Uwan, author/psychologist Christina Edmondson, and Michelle Higgins, who dabbles as an activist and senior pastor.

The three have honest, insightful, and sometimes funny conversations on diverse topics that are relevant to black women (and women looking for diverse opinions). Some of the topics that they cover include dating and relationships, politics, finding your voice in church, and balancing faith and self-care.

Set Apart Podcast

Best Christian Podcasts for Women.

Bestselling author and speaker, Leslie Ludy is the host of the Set Apart Podcast through which she inspires women to pursue Christian-centred femininity 

With her straightforward and encouraging approach, Leslie provides practical advice based on Biblical teachings on how to be a godly woman in a world filled with selfishness and shallow culture.

Some of the topics that are often covered in the show’s episodes include purity and relationships, true beauty, finding your purpose, Bible study, leadership, and devotional living, just to mention a few.

Don’t Mom Alone

Best Christian Podcasts for Women.

Hosted by Heather MacFadyen, Don’t Mom Alone is definitely one of the best Christian podcasts for mommies out there, especially those who feel alone and isolated in their motherhood journey.

Heather MacFadyen who is a mom of four boys clearly understands the challenges that mothers face. Through her podcast, she tries to help other moms overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness by sharing her relatable stories and struggles, practical advice, and tips.

Listening to Don’t Mom Alone usually feels like having a friend to chat with as you tackle the highs and lows of parenting.

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