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Why does God keep you single? – Top 5 reasons

Why does God keep you single?

Have you ever looked around you and realized that everyone you know is in a happy, fulfilled relationship except you? 

All your friends and agemates are getting married, building homes, and raising their young families, then there is you- very single with no prospect of finding someone in the near future. It sucks sometimes, right? 

Believe it or not, most of us have been at that point in life and it really sucks. But there are far worse things in life than being single. For one, you could be in a toxic relationship with a violent partner or someone who neither loves nor respects you; isn’t it better to be single? 

If you’ve been staying up at night wondering, “Why does God keep me single?” You need to remind yourself that sometimes, being single is actually a good thing. You get to learn more about yourself and grow in ways that you couldn’t if you were in a relationship. Besides that, it’s possibly God’s plan that you’re single. 

Still looking for more reasons why God is keeping you single? Here are the top 5 possible reasons.

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Why does God keep you single?

Why does God keep you single?

You haven’t met the right person yet

You could be single because you haven’t met your perfect match yet and God is just trying to protect you from getting hurt.

We all have different timelines in life- some people meet their soulmates when they are young and get married, while others have to go through so many failed relationships before finally meeting the right person for them.

Understanding that you don’t have to be in a relationship because all your agemates are getting married and knowing that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that is top-notch wisdom. 

Rather than trying to find just anyone so that you too can be in a relationship and fit in with your friends, focus on the qualities you want in your better half and take your time to look for them.

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You still need to heal

Why does God keep you single?

Another reason why God could be keeping you single is because you probably have emotional scars that need to be healed.

It could be that your last relationship was very toxic and ended badly, or you had a traumatic childhood that got you emotionally damaged. 

If this sounds like you and you feel ready to be in a serious relationship, you need to start a journey of dealing with your past traumas and healing first because you can’t be in a healthy and serious relationship that demands your complete trust and love until you’re completely healed.

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You have personal goals to accomplish

Why does God keep you single?

You might also be single because you still need to accomplish personal goals that would be hard to achieve once you get into a committed relationship. Perhaps you need to further your studies, travel the world, or even work on your spirituality.

Alternatively, God could also be keeping you single because you are just not mature enough to be in a serious relationship and you still need to work on yourself to be a better person first before getting into a committed relationship.

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It’s not God who’s keeping you single

Why does God keep you single?

Sometimes we try to look for other people to blame for our problems when we are the ones who are actually wrong. So, before blaming God for keeping you single, try to reflect on your relationship history and your interaction with potential partners first because you could be the problem- you could be the toxic one.

The real reason why you might be single could be because maybe you are too choosy and have really high standards such that you always shoot down any potential partner even before getting to know them well. Alternatively, you could also be single because you knowingly or unknowingly sabotaged all your past relationships and you’re the reason why they all failed.

Either way, you need to work on yourself and stop blaming God and other people for being single.

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God wants you to serve Him instead

Why does God keep you single?

Finally, there’s a chance that the reason why you’re always single is because you’re destined to be celibate so that you can dedicate your life to serving God.

Try to reflect on your life- do you sometimes feel like God is calling you to follow a particular path that requires celibacy? Perhaps you are supposed to be a priest or nun, or maybe your calling in life is to serve the less fortunate in society through charity work or missionary work which sometimes calls for celibacy.

If you have a feeling that God might be calling you to dedicate your life to serving Him and others but you’re not completely sure, you could try talking to someone like a trusted mentor or a religious leader and they can help you figure out your true calling. If it turns out that you’ve indeed been called to serve God and others, then that might be the reason why God is keeping you single.

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