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Top 8 Situationship Rules You Must Know

Situationship rules: The Do's and Dont's.

Ever been in that awkward spot where you’re not sure if you’re just hanging out or actually dating? That’s what we call a situationship. It’s a bit like a grey area between a really good friendship and a committed relationship.

If you’re in such a zone,  you might be wondering, “What are the ground rules?” One thing you should know about situationships is that they don’t have a universal rulebook since each situationship is different. 

However, there are a few relevant situationship rules that can help to keep things fun and avoid misunderstandings and getting hurt. Here’s a look at some of them.

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Here are the top 8 situationship rules

Manage your expectations

Situationship rules: The Do's and Dont's.

One rule that you should always observe when in any relationship and more especially in a situationships is to manage your expectations.

Accept that you are in a situationship and not unless you discuss with your partner about taking things to the next level- stop assuming that the situationship will grow into a real relationship someday. 

Always remember that higher expectations often result in higher disappointment so to avoid future disappointment don’t expect much from the entanglement.

Respect each other’s space

Situationship rules: The Do's and Dont's.

Like any other human relationship- romantic or not, mutual respect is very important.

If you are in a situationship, try to be kind and respectful to your partner, even though there’s a chance that the relationship might not last long. 

Additionally, also respect their private space and boundaries. Remember, nobody likes feeling smothered,  especially when things are still uncertain.

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Keep it drama-free

Situationship rules: The Do's and Dont's.

Even though it’s not quite a formal relationship, conflicts and disagreements are bound to arise even in a situationship, and when they do, it’s important to try to resolve them smoothly without causing chaos and excessive drama.

Remember that not every little disagreement needs to turn into a big deal and even the really big ones can be resolved amicably. Rather than shouting at each other and getting all defensive, try to keep your cool and talk things out calmly and respectfully.

Don’t get too attached

While it is true that feelings often get in the mix in situationships, it’s very important that you get your feelings in check lest you end up heartbroken.

Because of their casual nature and ambiguity, situationships always have a high likelihood of ending prematurely without advancing into a real relationship. Since the future is uncertain in this kind of arrangement, if you find yourself one, try to avoid getting too emotionally invested in the situationship and your partner so that if things end tomorrow, you won’t have much to lose.

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Stay present

Another key situationship rule that you should also observe is to live in the moment and avoid dwelling on what will happen in the future.

Since the future is never promised in a situationship, you should focus on enjoying each other’s company when you are together instead of worrying too much about what your future holds.

Be flexible to change

Situationship rules: The Do's and Dont's.

It’s important to be open to accommodating change when you are in a situationship, since like in any other relationship, changes do happen too in this kind of an arrangement.

You should be open to the possibility that the situationship might grow into something more serious or come to an end altogether at any given point. Whatever the future holds, try to embrace it with grace and understanding.

Keep it casual

Situationships are casual affairs by nature and so if you find yourself in one, try to keep it that way. 

As such, avoid putting pressure on each other to make long-term commitments or to be a real couple if that’s not what you both want. 

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Know when to walk away

Situationship rules: The Do's and Dont's.

Finally, the most important situationship rule to observe is to be able to know when the situationship is over and to walk away.

If the situationship no longer serves either of you or if one of you develops stronger feelings that aren’t reciprocated, it’s important to be honest and consider ending things amicably.

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