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How to Be a Godly Wife

How to be a Godly wife.

As a Christian woman in marriage or looking to get married, you’ve probably been given lots of advice already on how to be a godly wife, and most times it’s just a lot of outdated rulebooks and boring obligations that are not even relevant in this modern day and age.

Being a godly wife is more than just about being quietly submissive, and cooking for him all of his meals every day. It’s about building a marriage that reflects God’s love, grace, and strength- a marriage where you and your husband grow closer to each other, and to God.

If you are looking for tips on how to become a godly wife then here are a few relevant tips that you might find helpful.

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Here is how to be a Godly wife

How to be a Godly wife.

1. Build a strong relationship with God

To be a godly wife, you first have to be a good Christian woman and as such, you need to cultivate a strong relationship with God, trusting that when He is in control, your marriage will thrive.

Take time to pray, read the Bible, and participate in religious activities that are meaningful to you and as you grow your relationship with God, don’t leave your husband and children behind but try to make prayer time a family activity that you can all do together.

2. Be loving and respectful

How to be a Godly wife.

Love and respect are the building blocks of marriage, without which the marriage will fall into pieces. 

As a godly wife, you should treat your husband with love, kindness, and respect both in public and when you are alone in private. 

Try to be considerate of his feelings, listen to him, and be his number one supporter. When you don’t agree with him, and this will happen often, try to maintain a respectful tone and language to express your disagreement.

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3. Practice patience and forgiveness

How to be a Godly wife.

Anybody who has ever been married will tell you that getting married is the only easy part of marriage, but staying married- that’s the actual challenge. It needs a lot of patience and a very forgiving heart.

There will be days when your husband will drive you crazy, and trust me it will be a lot of times. Of course, out of anger, you might be tempted to punish him and even hold a grudge against him but that’s not the right way to handle things. As a godly wife and a Christian, you need to be patient with your husband and forgive him when he wrongs you.

4. Work on your communication

For any relationship to work, marriage included, communication between partners must be open and honest. As a godly wife who wants her marriage to work, you should be willing to express your feelings and thoughts clearly to your husband. 

Rather than giving him the silent treatment and letting him figure out what he did wrong, talk to him and let him know how he wronged you and if there is a way he can make things right.

Additionally, you should also learn to listen to your hubby’s point of view and constructive criticism whenever he has any because listening shows that you care for his feelings and thoughts.

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5. Be a woman of virtue

How to be a Godly wife.

Another tip on how to be a godly wife is to be a woman of virtue, AKA a Proverbs 31 kind of a woman. 

This means that you have strong moral values and principles, you keep things running smoothly at home, you are kind and compassionate to everyone around you, you are resilient and hardworking, and you strive to be a positive influence around you, including your Mr. Right.

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6. Prioritize your marriage

How to be a Godly wife.

For a marriage to work, both partners need to be fully committed to it by making the marriage their number one priority.

As a godly wife, part of making your marriage a priority is to always perform your roles dutifully and show up for your partner, both in the good times and the tough ones. 

Besides that, try to make time for quality conversations, shared activities, and simply enjoying each other’s company with your husband. Remember, you’re a team walking the journey of life together.

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7. Be willing to learn

The best relationships are those where couples keep learning and getting better together. Don’t be afraid to admit when you mess up – everyone does! See these as chances to learn and grow. Also, if you ever need some extra help, don’t hesitate to talk to someone you trust, like a friend, therapist, or religious leader.

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