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6 Biblical Qualities of a Good Husband

Biblical Qualities of a Good Husband

Although marriage is a two-way traffic that demands a lot of effort from both husbands and wives for it to work, sometimes we focus too much on telling women how to be model wives and overlook the biblical qualities of a good husband that men should have.

But does the Bible say anything about the characteristics of a Godly husband? It most certainly does. Besides teaching women how to be good wives, the Bible also contains lots of teachings about how husbands should carry themselves in a way that honours their families and God.

Whether you are thinking about becoming a new husband and want to be the best one for your future wife or if you are already married and looking for ways to be a better husband, here are 7 biblical qualities of a good husband that you can work on.

Characteristics of a Godly Husband

He loves, respects and supports his wife

A Godly husband loves his wife and not just in the cheesy way that’s often described in romantic novels, but in a way that mirrors Christ’s love for the church as instructed in Ephesians 5:25.

He shows his love for his wife not just by showering her with sweet words but also through his actions. He is patient and kind and puts his wife’s needs before his own just like Christ gave Himself up for the church.

Similarly, respect is a key ingredient for a marriage to work. A Godly husband treats his wife with respect both in private and in public. He values his wife’s opinions, speaks to her with kindness, appreciates her strengths, and accepts her shortcomings without patronizing her.

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A Godly husband also strives to be his wife’s biggest cheerleader, lending a listening ear, offering practical advice when needed, and creating a safe space for her to grow to be the best version of herself.

He leads his family with strength and humility

Several verses in the Bible including Ephesians 5:23 describe Christ as the head of the church and husbands as the head of their households. As the head of his family, a Godly husband guides and supports his wife and family to grow and live according to God’s teachings. This doesn’t mean being a dictator and enforcing strict rules on his family, but rather, leading with humility and gentleness like Jesus did, giving room for his wife’s opinions when making important decisions.

He is faithful

Faithfulness is another key biblical quality of a good husband that’s emphasised in 1 Timothy 3:12. A Godly husband remains committed and loyal to his wife and marriage, even in the face of temptations- which are quite many.

He takes care of his family

Just like God takes care of His people, a Godly husband fulfils his responsibilities as a husband and a father, if he has children. But taking care of one’s family doesn’t just mean meeting their financial needs as most people seem to think, it also means being present for them when needed, providing physical safety, and helping them fulfil their emotional and spiritual needs.

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He has a strong relationship with God

A marriage that is founded on shared faith and spiritual growth is a strong one. A Godly husband works on building his relationship with God and leads his family on this spiritual journey. He prays for and with his wife and children and encourages his family to study the Bible and participate in religious activities that promote their spiritual growth.

He is forgiving and asks for forgiveness

Like other relationships, it’s normal for married couples to make mistakes and offend each other. A Godly husband realizes when he has made a mistake and asks for forgiveness from his wife; he also doesn’t hold grudges but readily forgives his wife when she wrongs and asks for forgiveness.

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Communicates openly

Great communication and understanding are two important ingredients that are needed for any relationship, including marriage, to work.

A good husband speaks his mind to his wife openly and in a respectful manner even when they’re having a disagreement. He also listens to his wife when she speaks and tries to understand her point of view.

Always looking for ways to improve himself

Finally and most importantly, a godly husband acknowledges that he is not a saint. He actively works on growing and improving himself in all aspects of life including his faith, his skills, his health, and his wisdom so that he can be a better husband to his wife and if he is a father, a better father to his children.

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