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10 Celebrities Who Are Christian

When we think of celebrities and Hollywood we think of talent, glamour, and scandal. But there’s so much more that lies behind your favourite celebrities than just the glam and glitz. Some are devout Christians who find meaning in their faith often crediting God for their success.

From award-winning actors and actresses to top-charting musicians, here is a list of some A-list celebrities who are Christians.

A-List Celebrities Who Are Christian

Denzel Washington

Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington has always been very open about his faith. He was raised in the Pentecostal faith where his father was an ordained minister and he is a member of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles.

The Training Day star who revealed during a past interview that he considered being a preacher at some point always credits God for his acting career and uses his platform to inspire others, even choosing roles that resonate with his values as a Christian.

Tom Hanks

Hollywood legend Tom Hanks is known for playing iconic roles that have not only won our hearts but also won him some of the most prestigious awards in the acting industry. But beyond his success in Hollywood, Hanks has remained grounded in his Christian faith.

Hanks was raised in a Mormon and Catholic household but converted to the Greek Orthodox Church shortly before marrying actress Rita Wilson. In a past interview, he revealed that he actively attends church. 

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Hollywood power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban got married in 2006 and have two daughters together. While Kidman was raised in the Catholic faith which she follows, Keith Urban is more spiritual than religious and doesn’t really follow any specific religion. However, despite their differences, the two are raising their children with Christian values and regularly attend church together. 

Viola Davis

Viola Davis is a talented actress who has scooped the three prestigious awards for acting- Oscar, Emmy, and Tony, and the first black actress to do so.

Davis, who attends the Oasis Church in Los Angeles is one of the few Christian celebrities who openly talk about their Christian faith. She credits God for her success in her career and her personal life and lets her works of philanthropy reflect her faith.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is another A-list actor who is a Christian and doesn’t shy from talking about his faith. The actor who began his career as a rapper was raised in the Catholic faith which he still practises to date. He revealed in the past that he considers his faith as the most important thing in his life and he regularly attends mass. 

Wahlberg, who had a troubled life as a youth, also credits his faith for helping him turn his life around. In 2001, he launched the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation to help raise and distribute funds to youth empowerment programs.

Justin Beiber

Regarded as the “Prince of Pop” by some journalists, Justin Bieber has made a mark on the music industry and achieved immense success at a young age. 

Bieber who was raised in a Christian household reaffirmed his Christian faith in 2014 when he got baptised, and has been vocal about his faith since then even acknowledging that he is a follower of Jesus in a past interview.

Besides attending church, participating in religious activities, and even leading prayer sessions during his concerts, Bieber is also known for his generosity as he has contributed generously to numerous charitable causes over the years.

Mel Gibson

Academy-award-winning actor Mel Gibson was raised as a traditionalist Catholic, a faith that he still follows to date, and credits his Christian upbringing for instilling a moral compass and a sense of direction in his life and career.

Gibson’s faith has had a huge influence on his career and he has directed, produced and starred in some films that reflect his faith, including the controversial The Passion of The Christ.

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton, star of beloved sitcom, Everybody Hates Raymond is another celebrity who openly identifies as a Christian. Heaton was raised as an Irish Catholic and she remains a devout Catholic. She is quite open about her beliefs and credits God for her success. In 2022 she even revealed that she had finished reading the entire Bible in one year.

Heaton who revealed that she considered a career as a missionary before her acting kicked off is also a philanthropist and an ambassador for World Vision.

Tyler Perry

Renowned filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, but despite his success, he has remained grounded in his faith.

Tyler Perry was raised in a Pentecostal household and considered becoming a minister at one point. He even joined the seminary but later discovered that he was not meant to be on that path. However, despite not being a minister, Perry, who credits God for his success, has continued to incorporate themes that reflect his Christian faith into his productions.

Besides that, Perry also demonstrates his faith by supporting charitable causes and promoting messages of positivity.

Jane Fonda

Unlike many of the Christian celebrities who were raised in the Christian faith, actress Jane Fonda wasn’t exposed to a specific religion growing up and she only explored Christianity in the early 2000s. She, however, doesn’t limit herself to traditional Christianity but she’s open to exploring other philosophies and spiritual paths.

Fonda is also a vocal activist and has been involved in various feminist and civil rights activist campaigns over the years.

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